Samsung celebrates 25 Years of German unity - with the first virtual-reality journey through Germany

In 1990, Germany was finally reunited after decades of separation between East and West. It was the beginning of a new future, one that gave Germans back the most precious gift of all: their freedom.

Today, Samsung is celebrating the 25th anniversary of this great moment by giving Germans the opportunity to re-experience their freedom in a brand-new way: with the world's first virtual-reality trip through Germany. We brought Germans to places they might never have seen before, in ways they never experienced: from the highest mountain peaks, above city skylines, to the most famous cultural monuments, or even deep underground.

The journey takes users across the country, packing its most beautiful, spectacular and exciting locations into just twenty-five minutes as if they had been there themselves. But more importantly: Freedom, which has been a given for twenty-five years, became something truly special again.

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The free Samsung Cardboard VR

To give as many people as possible the opportunity to take the virtual reality journey through Germany, we produced and gave away 25,000 cardboard VR glasses that transformed into real VR glasses with the use of a smartphone. We also raffled off 250 Samsung Gear VR to provide an even more authentic experience.

Behind-the-scenes gallery

Making this trip across Germany so multifaceted and as unique as possible required visiting eleven locations encompassing a journey of more than 4000 km and the help of six extreme professionals and athletes.

360 VR Dresden Drone-flying in the Frauenkirche

360 VR Zugspitze Bit-player on Set

360 VR Zugspitze Peeking from the peak

360 VR Zugspitze Top Cameraman

360 VR Frankfurt High-altitude euphoria

360 VR Frankfurt Pro-Slackliner Reinhard Kleindl in action

360 VR Rhineland-Palatinate Next level paragliding

360 VR Munich Servus!

360 VR North Rhine-Westphalia First ever Cave-flying

360 VR Hamburg "I am the king of the virtual world!"

The Results

50 Million
media reach, incl. PR

Over 1.3 Mio
Unique Visitors

More than
150.000 VR Travellers

Average visit per destination
4,3 minutes

Conversion Rate
over 14%